Gasoline E​.​P

by Alix Hyde

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released January 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Alix Hyde

make music, ponder existence

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Track Name: Voyeur
I stand in the road
outside your house
car crawls by with the radio on
things aren't the same
since you moved out.

There is the window
where you used to undress
glowing in the light of your bedroom
dancing for a silent audience.

And I stood and watched you
the lonely kid from across the street
a secret midnight dancing
where you took off all your clothes for me.

Dancing in the light of our bedrooms
smiling our shy smiles into the night.

But now you're gone
and my heart's not in this.
Track Name: Sea
i wake up in my bed
the dream i had fading

i was running as fast as i could
away from the water

waves rushing all around me
closing over my head

i can see you waving
but i'm not swimming i'm drowning

and you out there in your boat
floating slowly away

this loneliness will kill me
i will die of it some day
Track Name: Finally
I have something for you
a flower gently opening
a tree sending up new shoots
so tender and fragile

I don't know what to do
just keep digging my own grave
I've been digging for a long time now
it's a long way down

But what doesn't kill you
it makes you stronger
and I can say now
finally I am happy for you
Track Name: Nice
walking home late at night
someone i just met walking by my side
they like me because they think i'm nice
but i don't know what i am

i want to go get in a fight
i want to always to feel alive
i want you to look in my eyes
and tell me who i am